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IP Enforcement

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IP Enforcement



- We assist and advice clients in undertaking diligent and strategic enforcement actions which include sending strong legal notices (cease-and-desist cum demand letters) and conducting negotiations.

- We organize on-site investigations to ascertain the nature and extent of infringement and the also the status of developments during negotiations.

- We assist clients in registering it IP, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. with the custom authorities to prevent import of infringing goods in India.

- We devise strong enforcement strategies for the clients in respect of particular marks as well as for a set of marks or the entire portfolios, which includes, conducting periodic searches for infringing applications/registrations, etc.

- Our trademarks enforcement strategy also takes into account the enforcement of our client’s trade-dress, company name, trade-names and domain names and we closely monitor and watch the infringing marks, names and domain names of third parties for suitable actions in respect thereof.

- Our enforcement actions related to copyright and related rights also include identifying the acts of infringement, piracy, counterfeiting, phishing, spamming, hacking, infringing content over the internet, and taking suitable actions including sending cease and desist notices, sending notices to cyber-squatters, notices to Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

- Our enforcement strategy for protection of trade secrets and confidential information essentially includes advising our clients to employ preventive and deterring measures such as signing of non-disclosure agreements by visitors, conducting exit interviews, non-competition clauses in employment agreements, grant-back of intellectual property, monitoring the flow of information, emails and data from company, etc.


Summary of Experience
IP Enforcement



- Represented a global entertainment content company for enforcement of its IP rights pertaining to its TV channel in India.

- Represented a US national cooperative bank serving industries across rural America for enforcement of its IP rights against a local technology company developing a software to be used by banks.

- Represented a reality television series owner having local variants across jurisdictions for enforcement of its IP rights in the series against local infringers.

- Advised a world leader in Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers for protection of its IP rights against its former distributer in India.

- Advised a leading media and marketing company serving American women for protection of its IP rights in its magazines in India.

- Represented a leading international network of institutions of higher education for enforcement of its IP rights in its trade name against local schools.

- Advised a leader in the mineral makeup industry for enforcement of its IP rights in its various brands against a local company manufacturing bath & body accessories.


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