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- We assist clients from all fields of technology in drafting patent specifications (provisional and complete), prosecuting applications, preparing responses to office actions, attending hearings, registration and maintenance of patents rights and portfolios etc.

- We assist clients in filing through registration of trademarks (including service marks, certification marks, series marks, sound marks, smell marks etc.) and prosecution thereof including preparing responses to office actions, attending hearings, recordals, assignments etc.

- We also help our clients in obtaining registrations for trade-dress, trade-names, company names, domain names, placing back-orders for domain names, etc.

- We assist clients in preparing representations and filing design applications (including reciprocity applications), drafting novelty statements and disclaimers, preparing response to office actions, attending hearings, obtaining registrations, renewals and maintenance of design portfolios, etc.

- We advise and assist our clients in obtaining copyright registration of their work, including publications, books, softwares, web-designs, music, paintings, databases, and other literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works of Indian as well as foreign origin.

- We assist our clients in conducting field tests and trials, gathering and assimilating passport data, performance of varieties, identifying essential characteristics, preparing statements of claim for application for registration of plant varieties (including Essentially Derived Varieties, Farmer’s varieties, Extent Varieties) and obtaining and maintaining registration thereof.

- We also advise and assist clients in identifying and marking trade secrets and confidential information, alerting the accesses of information about the nature of the information and the steps to be taken for protection of such information.




- Represented one of the world’s largest mobile phone companies with respect to the registration of its sound marks and hologram marks with respect to its mobile phones and accessories therefor.

- Represented a global mutual insurance company in registering certification marks for its certification and testing services of industrial and commercial loss prevention products.

- Advised a major in the energy industry with respect to filing an application for patent of addition while entering PCT national phase application in India for an invention related to its wind energy system.

- Represented a biotechnology company in respect of pre-grant amendment of claims and specification of its Convention application in India for its invention related to bioabsorbable polymeric compositions.

- Represented a domestic multimedia company in respect of drafting the complete specification and claims and preparing drawings for the patent application for an invention related to optical fibre processing.

- Represented a machine tools and accessories company in respect of organizing and preparing the representations for its industrial design related to aesthetic sheets for machines.

- Advised a global hardware company in respect of filing a Convention design application in India claiming priority from the basic application filed under Hague Agreement.


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