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- We provide reliable and exhaustive search reports and clearance opinions in respect of patents, which includes prior art and novelty searches, patentability searches and opinions, white-space analysis, freedom to operate search, invalidation search, infringement search and analysis, technology landscaping etc.

- In respect of trademarks, we conduct comprehensive searches and provide clearance opinions on the availability of the trademarks for use, registration and exclusive use based on searches at the TM Office database, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) database search, online investigations, market enquiries and surveys, searches for International Non-proprietary Names (INNs) and INN stems, etc.

- We also providing search and clearance opinions in respect of the availability for use, exclusive use and registration of trade-dress, trade-names, company names, domain names, gTLDs, ccTLDs based on the TM Registry search, MCA database search and online investigation.

- We conduct and organize searches at the Design Office database, conducts inspection of the physical files, and online investigation of the designs for providing detailed search and clearance opinions in respect of availability for use and registration of industrial designs.

- Our search and clearance opinions in respect of availability for use and registration of works related to copyright and other related rights is based upon the searches conducted at the Copyrights office and online investigation.

- We also advise and assist clients in ascertaining availability of a variety for registration (among the varieties listed by govt.), seeking clearance from Plant Variety Registry, searches in the Official Journal of Plant Varieties, denomination clearance, fulfilment of registrability criteria, gene/protein sequence searches with annotations and accession numbers, registrability of genetically modified crops, etc.

- We also assists our clients with its professional advice and clearance opinions with respect to the suitability and sufficiency of company policies, guidelines and infrastructure in protecting the company’s trade secrets and confidential information.




- Advised an electric vehicles manufacturer in respect of patentability of its invention related to a dual stator permanent magnet dynamo used in electric vehicles powered by solar and wind energy.

- Advised one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States on the availability of its house mark for exclusive use and registration in India.

- Advised a multinational healthcare leader in the pharmaceutical sector on the availability of marks for its range of pharmaceutical products as part of a global project.

- Advised a maker of luxury lifestyle clothing and accessories on the availability of contemplated marks for adoption, exclusive use and registration in India for its then to-be launched sportswear and activewear collection.

- Advised a prominent global conversion company that creates high-yielding opportunities out of global industrial demands through its proprietary technologies on the availability of its brands for exclusive use and registration in India.

- Advised a plastic and rubber footwear manufacturer in respect of registrability of the designs of slipper straps and soles.

- Advised an irrigation and pipe manufacturing company in respect of freedom to manufacture and market co-extruded pipes with leak detection tracer wire technology in India.


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